Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Moment of Sunshine

Weather was not cooperating with me. There was a storm all over the country hence a cloudy atmosphere in Palawan was expected. There was only few minutes of sunburst that I was able to capture. The lighting was very tricky and I wasn't able to capture things properly. I wonder if a CPL would help in this case... 

I've stopped using most of my Photoshop plug-ins. It's either Lightroom is already doing a good job or I'm just getting lazy. I feel it is the latter. I need something to break through this hurdle I am in. I need to find that "something" in my photos so I can continue to grow as a photographer. Do I need better equipment? Technique? Places to visit? Not really sure... I need to figure that out for now.

A Moment of Sunshine

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