Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Edo Wonderland: Ninjas, Samurais and Oirans

Have you ever pretended and dressed up as a ninja when you were a kid (or even as an adult)? Edo Wonderland is the ultimate place to relive these childhood fantasies. Edo Wonderland is theme park village that resembles the olden years of Tokyo during the age of Ninjas and Samurais. What makes theme park cool and unique is that the guests can dress up like the townspeople of the village. Meaning they could pretend to be geishas, peasants, samurai, ninja, etc..

Here is the video from their website so you can understand what I'm talking about.

Here are some of my pictures taken there.

「Edo Wonderland」The Alluring Oiran

「Edo Wonderland」Oiran Parade

「Edo Wonderland」The Lady on the Street

「Edo Wonderland」Ninja

If you want to see some cool ninja fights, checkout my post here: Grand Ninja Theater

「Edo Wonderland」Meditate

「Edo Wonderland」Roof Top Ninja

「Edo Wonderland」 Bad Ass Samurai

「Edo Wonderland」Pwned!

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