Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sapporo's Snow Festival

Sapporo has always been my dream destination after Kyoto. Even most Japanese people I know still haven't been to Hokkaido so being able to visit that place is really a blessing and privilege. Sapporo is well known for their Snow Festival(さっぽろ雪祭り). Coming to this event during the Winter season will cost a pretty penny. My 3D/2N trip cost me about 100K yen.

In the main street of the city, Odori, they have these sets of humongous ice sculptures that leaves everyone in awe. I've always wondered what happens to them after the festival. Do they just leave sculptures and let it melt, or do they let the kids do a Godzilla-like trashing of the sculptures?

Here are some of the ice sculptures that I found really interesting.

Colorful Dinosaurs of Sapporo

Snow Temple

Snow Family

Cool Ice Sculpture

The Snow Stage

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