Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I find the grungy HDR look on abandoned structures really suitable because it brings out the contrast and details of the image. Obviously, I am no so versed with the kind of HDR so here is my half baked attempt on trying to add some grunge to the image. For interior shots with bright windows, -3 to +3 with 1 stop increments is necessary to capture all the detail inside and outside the house. Unfortunately, I forgot to do that. I could have brought more detail outside the window and on the corners of the image.

This was shot near the Momiji Tunnel in Kawaguchiko. It was my friend's dream to shoot an abandoned structure so we definitely had to check out the place. Good thing here were no scary animals or insects near the area so I was safe to shoot around the place

If you are interested in learning my general workflow on how I create HDR images, please visit my site below


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