Monday, December 13, 2010

Backstreets of Gion

Had a disappointing weekend. Went all over Tokyo just to find the Galaxy S Android phone but to no avail. Every store we go is out of stock. They say it will be available hopefully by January next year. When I decided to get an iPhone4 instead, I was not eligible for the 24 month installment plan because the validity of my working visa has less than 2 years on it. What I hate more about it is that if I came 3 days earlier, I would still have 2 years on my visa. (Yes I was only late for 3 days). I didn't realize the network provider (Softbank) was this strict. I could get an iPhone4 if only I buy the phone completely in just one magical swipe of the plastic card. But I can't afford the hefty 57k yen price tag. So, my attempt to become an Apple Fanboy ended in dismay and disappointment.

On to my image for the day. If you carry your tripod like a nerd (as Trey Ratclif would say), low light shooting is definitely not problem. I love low light shooting because it is even easier to remove the tourists in the shot. Shutter speed would be around 30 seconds for this to work. So, just make sure to set you ISO really low and an a really high aperture value. Anyone who just passed will not even register in the sensor.

Backstreets of Goin

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