Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Golden Sunset of Lago de Oro

Next month I will be returning to my beloved country the Philippines. And I'm looking forward to my trips outside Manila. I want to go to Palawan, Bohol, Pinatubo, Boracay etc. But my schedule is too tight, I have to attend my friend's wedding and also spend time with my family. I just hope I could shoot sunsets like this one when I go home because I'm running out of interesting pictures in my hard drive.

This shot is newbie shot of a sunset in HDR. It was taken more than a year ago. This is one of the few lucky shots where it turned out to be OK. It was badly composed so I had to crop and align it with the horizon. Exposure was also horrible. The only correct thing I did was to shoot in RAW so I was able to recover some details during post processing. I love how the sun is so round and golden. I've never seen a sunset like this even here in Japan (Maybe because I'm working too much). So when I get back, I will be looking for sunsets like this one.

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The Golden Sunset of Lago de Oro

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