Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lost in the Forest

This was my third trip to Nikko for this year. And, I wish to see its transformation as the season changes to Autumn. So far, Winter is the only season that eludes me.

For this trip, our plan was to hike from Yumuto Onsen down towards the Chuenzji-ko. Theoretically, it is possible to accomplish this hike in one day because the trail is not so long and is inclined downward. However, we didn't take into consideration the beautiful scenery that enveloped us as we took each step down the trail. We couldn't resist to stop and take a picture almost every few meters because any shot angle we took was absolutely stunning.

As the sun was about to set, our pace became slower because the sky and the clouds were getting ready for the golden hour. It was just unfortunate that we were still somewhere in the forest trying to find our way out. In this shot, the sun glow was faintly present behind the trees. But what really caught my attention is the mirror-like river the guides our decent towards the lake.

Lost in the Forest

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